About Helpful Hedgehogs

As parents & carers, are you always struggling to remember which days of the week your child/children need to take in their homework, home reader book, school letters, money for school trips, extra items for school activities, extra items for clubs, clothes for after school clubs, the list goes on!

As a mum myself, Helpful Hedgehogs was born out of the need for a transient, ever changing school planner that you can quickly refer to and amend weekly!

The Standard Planner allows you to write in your own activities, clubs, homework and meetings then rub it off and start again! We have the same planner with a decorative hedgehog background, or we also do a Personalised Planner where regular club or sports images can be added for you and your family's busy week! All planners and charts can be personalised with a name.

Before all the clubs and homework started I also designed Sticker Charts where the reward moved through a picture! And more recently the popular Points Reward Charts so you can add and remove points for good & bad behaviour!

Please have a look through my planners and charts and if you have any questions or design requests please email info@HelpfulHedgehogs.co.uk.

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About Helpful Hedgehogs